Alright, so I’ve trashed enough customers on this blog. And it’s not that they don’t deserve it, because they’re downright jerks. But you guys deserve better. Certainly today, considering the chaos of our current legislature, you deserve some positivity. And I’m all about that love, so here goes.
A couple weeks ago I wrote a post, I put bacon on my bitches. If you haven’t read it, don’t worry about it, that chick isn’t worth your time. I only mention it because, at the end of the post, I make mention of a woman who hugged me, and told me I was beautiful. This is important. This woman is important.
She’s important because she was old as hell. She struggled to climb up onto the bar stool, her hand trembled every time she raised the martini glass to her lips, simple movements required great effort from her. But when she saw the way that woman treated me, she stood. On those little quaking feet she stood and opened her arms. I hugged her. She smelled like syrupy sweet perfume, the fragrance of which lingered on my skin long after she had left, much like the love she blessed me with still lingers, even now, in my heart.
She whispered in my ear, “You are beautiful. And you don’t deserve that. Don’t let it get you down.”
And man I’d be lying if I said a couple of tears didn’t prick at the corners of my eyes. She completely undid the words of that woman. Like unravelling a spool of yarn her affection and positivity took all of that negativity and dissolved it. I could do nothing but smile.
How powerful a gift like that is. How beautiful is this love that connects us all. The fine strands of sinewed flesh that come together in the embrace of trembling arms. She felt so small in my own, but what she left me with was greater than almost anything I have ever felt.
When she and her husband left, they wrote a note on the receipt. “Some people are just assholes. Here’s a little extra for you.” They tipped me four times what they should have. And you know what? The money doesn’t matter. Because you can’t put a price on empathy. You can’t market compassion. I sell liquor all day I’m an expert in sales and commission but there are just some things money can’t buy.
To that woman, whoever you are, keep on loving. You’re changing the world.
And to all of you, be sure to do the same. You can move mountains with the love in your heart.
And since it’s February 14th, and despite the fact that I normally hate this Hallmark holiday, know that you’re all my Valentines today. My arms are open to you. My heart is open to you. I love you all, and remember, you’re better than those bitches. You’re even better than bacon, and that’s saying something, because bacon is damned good.