The life of a waitress…in all its glory.


After many years of playing around with this idea of a blog, I finally decided to stop dreaming about it and do something about it instead.  This is a catalog of interactions, of human experience, of entitlement and kindness.  It is a series of minute segments and short stories.  It is a collection of moments.  Some days I love my job. Some days I don’t. Some days end with me three glasses deep into a bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc and sinking beneath the steaming waters of the tub. Most days, actually.

Some people are cruel; some are kind.  Most are a mixture of both.  This blog is my outlet–do not think I am angry or embittered.  I am merely growing weary of the condition of humanity, and so I have set myself upon a course of civilizing through satire, although I am not certain it will work.  But it sure as hell makes me laugh.  And in the end, that’s enough for me.

Welcome to my journey through the customer service industry, where most moments offer a unique and disturbing insight into this thing we call humanity.

Shayleene MacReynolds

58 thoughts on “About

  1. So what do you really want to do with your life? If this is it, that’s okay. But I get the feeling there’s more. Maybe it’s in your blog somewhere and I haven’t read it yet. Anyway, I’m enjoying your humor.

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  2. Your titles are priceless, and your writing is awesome. Your work stories make my desk look like it’s situated in paradise. Sometimes all you can do is laugh, right? I’m looking forward to reading all of your posts, starting right now.

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  3. Hey Shayleene thanks for the follow. I’m glad I came for a look. Great concept and I like your acerbic wit. I was in customer service for about 18 months but when I wrote a song called “an idiot unless proven otherwise” I knew it was time to leave haha. Just a tip with your tags. Don’t use more than 15 (including your categories) because otherwise you won’t feature on the WordPress Reader and people won’t be able to find you there. #justsaying Cheers

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  4. Thanks for the Follow! I found myself having flashbacks from my waitress days as I was reading your posts. Others on here are right, you are a writer already. I love your sarcasm and humor and how you use it to get your point across. xo.

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  5. Shaylee, thanks for choosing to follow my blog. I think this is an interesting idea. I am sure you meet all kinds of people and therefore will have many stories to tell. I applaud your effort to start a blog and share your voice. Good luck.

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  6. First things first. Thank you for stumbling into my visual blog. I clicked into you blog to see who you were, and I was in for a pleasant surprise. Pleaseant is maybe not the right word. It is much more than that. Your writing style is more like a jewel full of rays of human touches. I enjoy your descrtiption of your work and have a gut feeling you will find your niche in the world of letters, words, stories and maybe books. I will be your regular reader. Your blog will be my water hole. Thank you for bumping into my life.

    I was once a bar tender a zillion years ago in a H&G (Hello and Goodbye) town in the middle of nowhere.



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