The life of a waitress…in all its glory.

Mixologies: Drinks by Shay

Bloody Mary:

A.K.A. That bitch Mary is going to be Bloody by the end of this meal.


Two Wedges of Lime and two Wedges of Lemon because Mary’s temperament is acidic as fuck.

13 Dashes of Tobasco because she’s making me sweat.

A Splash of Olive Juice but make sure it splashes up in her eyes this is an incredibly important step.

A Jar of Worcestershire Sauce because she is simply the worst and it seems fitting.

Throw a little Drizzle of A-1 Steak Sauce to remind her that you’re Grade A Quality Prime Rib and she’s just a Flank Steak

Add some Pepper to combat the fact that she is saltier than the dog itself.

A Tablespoon of Horseradish for no particular reason aside from the fact that it tastes excellent and also it makes her eyes water.

One Can of Tomato Juice and when the can is empty, shove it up her…never mind.  That’s going too far.  Just throw it away.  In the trash.  Where people like Mary belong.

Then add some Vodka because liquor solves everything and you’re hoping she’ll be nicer after she’s been dealt a stiff one; most of us are.

Shake.  Strain.  Pour over ice.  Garnish with a lime.

That’s one bad bitch you’ve got right there.  Drink up and enjoy.

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